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David Waynar

Head Coach - Outrigger Santa Cruz

      "Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Evan helped provide areal footage for a huge fundraiser for the Jacobs Heart Children's Cancer Foundation.  The event involved paddling from Half Moon Bay, California, to Santa Cruz, California, in outrigger canoes in 2015.  This paddle took over 9 hours.  Evan captured every moment perfectly.  Evan was placed in an escort boat and handled every condition that was thrown his way so perfectly.   Evan demonstrated the professionalism that we were looking for, he immediately connected with all the paddlers and the support personnel prior to us launching off that morning.  He brought a great amount of positive energy and really fired up the paddlers in addition to capturing priceless moments."

     "What completely amazes me in today's world, is he provided all of this at no cost to the charity event.  This was no small amount to ask of his services as it required him to travel long distances, work under extreme conditions, and spend hours on a support boat risking his very expensive aerial camera equipment over the open ocean.  Who does this in today's world? I know very very few.  As you read this, know that if you pursue Evan Adler Films, You are truly not only getting the very best in the industry, you are also getting someone who is truly dedicated to the work asked of him and who brings an amazing attitude that makes the entire process fun!"

Ben Watkins

Big Wonderful Inc.

"Evan is invaluably rare in that he combines smarts, techincal knowledge, and creative problem solving with gracious social skills like friendliness, skillful communication, charisma and humility.

In other words, he's just a great guy to work with: he knows what he's doing, he helps you figure out what you're doing, and he's super fun and friendly to be around the entire time you're working with him. I love the feeling of seeing him on the schedule and resting assured that he's going to do great, it's going to be fun, and my clients will be delighted with him."

"I have worked with Evan over the past year on a documentary and have marveled at his creativity, dedication and hard work.  Evan has great ideas and is able to execute them.  He's a problem solver, He's reliable. He's competent and talented.  Everything you want in a collaborator to make your project a success.

Productions can be stressful.  Evan has an ability to lower the stress level.  He's personable and likable, never ego-drivin.  He brings peace to the set and gets along with everybody. He can read situations well and be supportive.  He makes the effort to make the experience a good one.  This brings out the best in people... and that shoes in his work."

Fred Ritzenberg

"I had the privilege of working alongside Evan this year in capturing Zach and Emily Self’s wedding day. I honestly wish I could work with Evan on every wedding I photograph because he was friendly, collaborative, respectful, and he’s extremely talented. It can be a daunting task to work alongside another creative for the first time, especially on such a momentous occasion such as a wedding. I however, felt as though I had worked with Evan previously because the day went effortlessly. Evan’s ability to make a long-lasting, personable impression is valuable in our line of work. If the client does not feel comfortable, it shows on camera. With his great, big smile and clear vision, he’s able to bring out the most authentic moments all while remaining out of the spotlight. His photojournalism approach does not get in the way of the couple or guests, yet he still managed to capture the most amazing footage. He is a professional and it shows. If you’re looking for a videographer for your special day, look no further."

Eric Doolin


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