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Evan Adler
Founder & Producer

Evan Adler is a multifaceted video production entrepreneur. Trained across the board, Evan can produce, direct, film and even edit all of his work.  Since graduating from SF Film School in 2015, he continues to work for several production companies throughout the Bay Area.  He produced and directed his first short, Prunus Persica that was chosen to world premiere at 2016 Cannes Film Festival in France.  Evan continues to work in narrative and creative media content in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Evan’s tireless work ethic and passion for filmmaking gives him the confidence that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.   


Focus Films LLC is more than just a film production company, it's a voice for the creative minds of entrepreneurship.  Focus Films takes great pride in showcasing the voices of tomorrow as they demand progressive change for equality.  The future of our world depends on our choices we make as a society today.  Now, more than ever, we must take action in protecting this fragile world for the next generations to come.  At his core, Evan's intention is to bring honesty and feeling to a world so deeply in need of truthful storytelling.  

Daniel Stern 

Writer / Producer

Bruce Aguirre

Camera Tech / AC

Daniel Stern has been working with Focus Films LLC since 2015 and has developed into one of the Bay Area's most innovative writers and producers. 

His ingenious storytelling and comedic approach, bring a fresh feel to our day to day life, living in today's world.  Daniel's passion for writing and producing comes from a background in stand-up-comedy, a world he thoroughly enjoyed growing up in.  His collaborative partnership with Focus Films continues to produce lasting memorable work they are proud to be taking part in. 


Bruce is a talented and creative visual artist who has spent time on both sides of the camera.  His visionary skillset is a valuable asset on set, as he always pushes for the best possible performance.  

Bruce brings a level of energy in each production which is unmatched and absolutely amazing.  His positive attitude and hard work ethic is incredibly contagious.

David Gray

Sound Tech / Grip

David is a new addition to Focus Films and an incredible crew member to have on board.  His passion for music and sound design gives precedence to the quality of product we are able to deliver.  Being a trained pianist, David excels at having the upmost pride in his ability to run sound on set and help craft the right sound score for our visual storytelling.  It's truly an honor to have David on our team and we're fired up to be taking on the next body of work with him.

Awards &

Festival de Cannes France 2016

Prunus Persica was chosen for the Cannes Short Film corner in 2016.  Evan had the honor of attending the festival in South France to represent the film for it's world premiere. 

Santa Cruz Film Festival 2016

While Evan was attending Cannes, Prunus Persica was being  premiered simultaneously stateside at a local film festival in the town where he was raised.  

The World's Independent Film Festival 2016

Prunus Persica later screened at TWIFF and won best narrative short for an up-and-coming filmmaker.  

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